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I've seen many references to the whole data on an SD card can be unmounted, but the data can still be seen using fdisk -l. I'm a little confused, anyone got any tips? thanks- all just got to the interesting bit of the information... Sebbi: note the difference between writing to the SD card, and mounting it Sebbi: unless you can get the SD card out of the phone, you can not'remove' it hggdh: heh Sebbi: (unless you have changed the partition layout, but it will be hard to do this from Ubuntu) hggdh: i've just managed to get to the partition table and now i've seen that the microSD card i'm using is "msdos" Sebbi: ah Sebbi: well, you may not be able to'remove' it at all -- there will be no way to get the partition table out hggdh: wow- ok, i'll read some more... this is a real learning curve... Sebbi: the partition table is the data structure that shows the partition layout, and the data on the partitions Sebbi: really, no Sebbi: the partition table is not your data hggdh: so what do i need to do? the android documentation is not that clear Sebbi: let me look at this again. I just keep saying partition table I still see that the SD card in the phone is using "msdos" as its partition table, so i can see the data. It is a lot smaller than the SD card i bought and formatted in windows. Sebbi: if you really can not see your data, I would remove the card, install a different SD card, and boot on Ubuntu. You will be surprised to see the data Sebbi: I am sorry, it is not your data hggdh: nah




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Visualizer 3d Okm Free Download Crack Keygen Serial Hitbfdcm odajare

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